Everyone in the Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) community seems to define their life as before diagnosis and after diagnosis. Mac was only 10 months old when we found out, so I have very few “before” diagnosis stories.

Because he was less than a year old it clouds my memory of everything in his first year. I distinctly remember March 4, 2015, his diagnosis day, but I have a hard time remembering his birth weight 7 lbs 8oz (phew!) and when I think about his first Christmas and his first birthday, I also think about whether or not he had already been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes – Christmas yes, birthday no.

Infants represent a mere 1% of all T1D patients, so we have struggled to find relevant information, struggled with dosages, so we drop low a lot, and struggle with finding a way to provide him healthy, wholesome, and homemade meals that meet the carbohydrate needs of insulin combined with the developmental requirements of an infant.

I love to cook and we choose to focus on holistic nutrition, organic where necessary (based on the dirty dozen). But I am a mom, I work full-time in advertising, I take classes part-time, I have a teenage step-daughter, and am about to embark on a new path – achieving my Holistic Nutrition certification – so we, like a lot of families, are very busy.

I hope you find information here that saves you time and is a place for you to share and find comfort with others who are going through what you are because not even family really understands what it is like to live with this all day and every day, do they?

I hope to hear from you!

Corina xx