I personally know how difficult it is to achieve variety in a weekly meal plan, especially with small serving sizes for infants/ toddlers. So I am sharing a meal plan I adapted from one  Dr. Mona Morstein created for us that you can pick and choose from.

Use the meal plan as a guideline for menu options – I make batches of foods so lunches and dinners are often the same mix of ingredients. I know it is recommended by many nutritionists and naturopaths that variety is best…but alas we do our best.

Time Saving Tips:

  • Buy a variety of vegetables and cook extra for the week or for freezing ( I cut up two entire cauliflowers and roast them)
  • Make lunch and snacks at the same time as dinner
    • I chop up double what I am chopping for his dinner then grab it and go in the morning

Back to the basics: this meal plan focuses on nutrient dense foods that are higher in protein than normal with reduced grains or no grains – we are trying to get blood sugars in control. The meals contain:

  • low sugar /limited fruits
  • good quality proteins
  • fresh vegetables
  • seeds / nuts and;
  • healthy fats.

Note: snacks listed are based off of my son’s needs, he is not on a pump so his snacks are all low-to-no-carb. have compiled a Low Carb Snack list that you can reference for more ideas.

Target Calories:  850-1200

(All counts especially carbohydrate counts are approximate – watch for highs and adjust for your needs)



1 scrambled egg omelet with ½ cup broccoli, spinach, mushrooms (veggies of choice)

½-1 Almond pancake

Time Saving Tip: Cut up extra veggies as you’re cooking dinner and set aside night in the am just throw them in a pan with the eggs)

(Total Calories 304, Carbs 8, Fat 16, Protein 23, Sugar 0)


¼ cup (2oz) cucumbers – look for vegetables that will not spike BG

¼ cup (2oz) turkey breast, chicken breast, ham, beef, etc. (preferably not processed)

(Calories 108, Carbs 3, Fat 3, Protein 18, Sugar 0)


2T hummus

1 Toasted cauliflower

2T avocado

2oz salmon (a little less than ½ cup)

2T Roasted Sweet Potato

Option to add grains: we like Lundgren’s Wild Rice

(Calories 183, Carbs 11, Fat 10, Protein 13, Fiber 4, Sugar 2)


¼ Avocado with 1t chia seeds


½ cup cauliflower mashed potatoes

½ cup of squash

4 oz. Tofu stir fried

Option to add grains or sweet potato: we like Lundgren’s Wild Rice




Egg cups

¼ C Sweet potato “toast” buttered (optional) –  Slice sweet potato lengthwise then pop into the toaster for two rounds on highest level, watch for burning.

(Calories 78, Carbs 7, Fat 3, Protein 4, Fiber 1, Sugar 2)


3 Seed crackers -we grind up the seeds & watch for spikes, we have been reducing as Mac has been going high after lunch

2T Raw cucumber slices

(Calories 76, Carbs 4, Fat 6, Protein 3, Fiber 2, Sugar 0)


2oz baked chicken – if we are super busy or on-the-go we occasionally get a pre-roasted chicken and cut up for dinner and snacks

1 cup cooked veggies


½ Almond muffin or Zucchini muffin


1 Turkey Meatball with 2T homemade tomato sauce

3T Spaghetti squash or cauliflower mash

Cauliflower bread sticks





½-1 slice toasted Almond Pancake

1 slice cheese/turkey breast


2-3 TBSP Almond hummus


2-3 Seed crackers

¼ Avocado


4 oz. Salmon

1 cup veggies of choice


Cucumber slices and 1/4C avocado with chia (cut the avocado in half and leave in the shell just mix in the chia right in the shell and send it along in the container)


2 oz Turkey meatballs

2T Homemade tomato sauce

¼ cup Cauliflower mashed potatoes or Spaghetti squash



Sweet Potato “toast” with avocado and eggs


1 Sausage, spinach & feta frittata cup

(substitute lean ground pork from the butcher for a healthier option)

(Calories 126, Carbs 1, Fat 9, Protein 8, Fiber 0, Sugar 0)


1/2 cup orange squash

Brainy Burrito (Diabetes Summit)



2-3 Swiss Chard Sausage Pie Muffins (Diabetes Summit)

½-3/4 cup cooked broccoli/Brussel sprouts

[insert nutrition]



Super Charged Grain Free Oatmeal (Diabetes Summit)


Cucumber and 1/4 avocado


2 oz salmon

1 Paleo Bagel

(Calories 256, Carbs 2.5, Fat 16, Protein 7)


5 sticks of celery with 2T Almond Butter

(Calories 200, Carbs 2.5, Fat 16, Protein 7)


Almond flour pizza crust or cauliflower pizza crust

1C veggies

1T tomato sauce




½ C Grain Free Cinnamon Crunch

2T blueberries

(Calories 269, Carbs 6.9, Fat 24.4, Protein 9, Fiber 5, Sugar 2.4)


Easy Baked Kale chips (Diabetes Summit)—sprinkled with parmesan cheese


1 Cheesy Kale & Cauliflower Fritters

1oz Grilled Chicken

1oz Cucumbers

½ Sliced apple

(Calories 176, Carbs 11.5, Fat 1, Protein 19, Fiber 3, Sugar 1)


2-4 Nora’s Nut Ball Snackers (Diabetes Summit)


2 oz Grilled meat of your choice

½-1 cup cooked kale sliced thinly




Blueberry Coconut Waffles – low carb gluten-free

(Calories 274, Carbs 7.41, Fat 2, Protein 9, Fiber 3.41)


5 Parmesan Cheese Crackers with 5 pieces sliced ham

(Calories 47.4, Fat 8, Carbs 2.5, Fiber 1, Protein 9)


1/2 Almond bread or Zucchini bread

½ cup chicken salad

½ cup cooked green beans



½-1 cup Fresh cup up Avocado, tomato salad in olive oil/vinegar


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