Our visit with Dr Morstein at AIMS Naturopathic clinic in Arizona was a relief in so many ways.

We were finally able to have an open discussion about our concerns with Mac’s erratic blood glucose levels, seemingly driven but the high carbohydrate (30g) count per meal we were told to feed him; 30g is a lot of carbohydrates to feed an infant – a half a cup of cooked rice is 22g and that does not include the other foods on his plate to balance out his meal.

Dr Morstein helped us develop a plan with reduced grains and reduced fruits. She reassured us we were not harming Mac and that our first priority was to get his majorly erratic blood glucose levels under control.

Our plan was to increase Mac’s proteins and fats to keep him safe so he could burn those as we reduced his complex carbs. Once we had better control we could start to reintroduce them back into his diet.

As there are very few resources for parents of infants with Type 1 diabetes, I thought I would share my resources  and hopefully save you some time. Mac has been following reduced grain diet for many months now and his he developing very well.

There is also evidence that a low carb diet has shown to reduce epileptic seizures in infants that follow this type of diet to0.

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